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Hugh Hefner's Three Lovely Ladies Get Candid

Welcome to the Playboy Mansion.

Thanks to 'The Girls Next Door' reality series on E!, everyone finally gets a behind-the-scenes peek into daily life at the Playboy mansion. This show follows the daily lives of Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson -- 80-year-old Hugh Hefner's much younger girlfriends. The season one DVD is out now, and it features commentary from 'The Girls,' deleted scenes and the unaired pilot episode. Season two of 'The Girls Next Door' kicked off this week on E! with Hef's 80th birthday party.

In an exclusive interview with AOL Television editor Sean Doorly, the gals chatted about the good and bad of life at the Playboy mansion, their favorite moments from 'Girls Next Door' and what they like about Hef.


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When people meet you for the first time, what do you imagine they are thinking about you?
Holly: I think it depends. I think the person on the street is going to have a different preconceived notion than somebody that I have the occasion to actually sit down and talk to. I like to think they are not thinking what the average person on the street is thinking.

Kendra: India.Arie just came out with a song, 'I Am Not My Hair,' and I totally related to it. Your hair doesn't describe who you are. We are not just blonde bimbos. We have hearts. We are caring. We are humans too.

What is the coolest part of living at the Playboy mansion?
Holly: I think the coolest part is the zoo because we have three different kinds of monkeys and a bunch of different kind of exotic birds. It's just fun hanging out with them.

Bridget: I think just about everything from being able to order [food] whenever you want, to all the perks that we get, to hanging out with Hef all the time. There are just a million reasons why this is the coolest place to live.

Kendra: Everything here is amazing. Being able to do whatever you want, whatever you feel like doing you can do. We have a five star chef. Everything is just made for us here.

Are there any bad things about living at the Playboy mansion?
Kendra: The only thing that kind of sucks is the curfew. I like it, but at the same time I think, “What would I be doing anyways now?” I'm 21 years old. I would probably being getting in so much trouble now. I'm a crazy girl, so this is really good for me. It gets my head together. My friends are having parties and sometimes they want me to go and I say, “Damn, I want to go.” Then you think about it and we are here in paradise.

Bridget: The only real disadvantage for me is being away from my family. I'm really close to them, and I like having them around. They are in Northern California and they come as much as they can and that is fun.

Holly: I wish I had my room that I could decorate however I want.

What is your favorite moment from season one of 'The Girls Next Door’?
Kendra: Thinking the mannequin was a real person.

Holly: I liked the fashion show in Vegas.

Kendra: Going to visit my brother and going home to Lodi.

Holly, you said in an episode that you were the No. 1 girlfriend.
Holly: They made me say that. The hierarchy was established long before I came along. Hef always had a main girlfriend, and there were other girls that lived here that he was dating. Since people who are unfamiliar with Hef or his lifestyle don't really know that, the people writing the show wanted me to say I'm Hef's No.1 girlfriend. And then the next day after the show airs I read on the Internet "Holly says she is Hef's No. 1 girlfriend -- make me barf." I had to say it ... it's not like I'm bragging.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Holly: I want to be married and have kids.

Bridget: I want to be hosting my own show.

Kendra: In five years, I have a couple different roads I want to go, but I don't know which one yet. Sometimes I want to travel and sometimes I think I want to settle down and have kids when I'm young. I want to be a kid with my kids.

What did you think of season one?
Holly: I think the episodes got better as they went. The first two episodes I hated. I hated how we were characterized. They make me look like a conceited bitch.

Bridget: It was fun. I really liked it while it was going and when it was all said and done. Now that I have seen some of the rough cuts of season two -- season two is way better. It blows season one out of the water, and I didn't think anything was wrong with season one.

Kendra: We are more comfortable with ourselves and in front of the camera. We got to know the producers. We are more natural.

What has the show done for you?
Holly: I think it has given us a lot more opportunities. People want to work with us now. People want to listen to our ideas because before people just thought, "Oh, you are just another bunch of girls dating Hef."

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, how far would you go back and what would the advice be?
Holly: I would go back four years ago and say don't cut your hair because you will be wearing extensions for the rest of your life. It won't grow back.

Bridget: I think I would go back to high school and just tell myself not to give up. I always felt Playboy is where I belonged and there was a lot of times I was told no, and I was going to quit along this path and I'm so glad I didn't. I think I would just give myself encouragement to stick with it.

Kendra: Today what is going on right now in my life is a dream come true. I like now. I don't regret anything in my life because it all led me to here.

Who are some of the celebrities you have met at the mansion?
Holly: I thought it was cool to meet Donald Trump and his daughter and his wife.

Bridget: I think what was cool about meeting Donald Trump is that he is one of those celebrities you wouldn't expect to come to the Playboy mansion. He seems kind of uptight to me. So to see him here, not that he lets loose, but to see him here and meet him in this setting is cool.

Did he have a tie on?
Bridget: (Laughs) Yeah, he was the only one there in a suit.

What do you like about Hef?
Holly: I like his personality, his sense of humor and his confidence.

Bridget: Even though he is 80, he still acts young and plays games and goes out to dinner and bowl. All the things we like to do.

Kendra: He is really down to earth. He is 80, but he seems like he is 25.