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The Residents of Wisteria Lane Dish About 'Desperate Housewives'

Gabrielle had a catfight with a nun. Edie burned down Susan's house. Bree watched George die. Susan reconciled with Mike. Mike got hit by a car.

Wisteria Lane is one dangerous street.

That didn't stop the producers of the show from throwing a party to celebrate the 'Desperate Housewives' season two DVD, which hits the streets on Aug. 29. It features audio commentaries, deleted scenes and an unaired storyline about Teri Hatcher's character Susan Mayer. Season three of 'Desperate Housewives' premieres Sun., Sept. 24 at 9PM ET on ABC.

In exclusive interviews with AOL Television editor Sean Doorly, the men and women of Wisteria Lane chatted about their favorite moments from season two, the skinny on season three and their favorite TV characters.



What is your favorite moment from season two?
Eva Longoria: I had an incredible arc last season and I think Gabrielle had an amazing storyline that jumped all over the place. We had so much fun. I loved when I beat up the nun. I also loved the stuff I had with Xiao-Mei. Gwendoline Yeo, who plays Xiao-Mei, is an amazing actress. So I had a lot of fun with a new rival.
Nicollette Sheridan: My favorite episode for Edie is when she smells the wire on Susan and chases her down in the park and ends up with bee stings all over her and in the hospital looking extremely attractive. It's wonderful not having to look glamorous.

Ricardo Antonio Chavira: I wasn't really involved in at all, but the whole nun fight scene was great. And there was also this scene when my character and Eva's character were trying to convince Xiao-Mei, played by Gwendoline Yeo, to be the surrogate of our child. That whole situation was funny. We had a great time shooting it.

Kyle MacLachlan: My favorite moment from season two was watching Delfino go over the hood of my car.
Brenda Strong: My favorite moment was when Julie walked in on Carl and Susan in bed and saw her parents and got so grossed out. She went "ewww" and went running down the hallway and they both came running after her. I thought it was such a great moment. You never see in divorces where the feelings of a child are, "No, don't get back together." It is usually the opposite.

Gwendoline Yeo: Kissing Ricardo wasn't bad. Any scene with Eva is always a joy. It is always fun because she is a bundle of energy like me. You have no idea how wacky she is. And another moment is when I had to drop my robe. It wasn't the most fun, but it was a very humbling and vulnerable moment.

Shawn Pyfrom: When everyone thought Tom was cheating on Lynette, I was right there with them, I was saying, "Oh my god did he really do that?"

Cody Kasch: I liked slaughtering my grandfather. I unplugged his respirator.

What is in store for season three?
Eva Longoria: We are only in episode three right now of season three. She is pretty much Gabrielle in episodes one, two and three. It will get more interesting after that because she and Carlos will go through a bitter battle and there is going to be a lot of opportunity for comedic moments.

Nicollette Sheridan: It is wonderful to have the resident bad boy reside in Edie's house. Luckily, he is somewhat safe because he is my nephew. Edie could probably learn a trick a two from him. I'm sure he will be getting his fingers into all sorts of naughtiness on Wisteria Lane.

Brenda Strong: Mary Alice is going to be back with an attitude. She will be a little less surreal, ethereal and a little more sassy, which means the show is going to be sassier.
Gwendoline Yeo: I'm still Asian in season three. (Laughs) I'm very pregnant. It looks like I'm having quintuplets. It's scary.

Kyle MacLachlan: There has been a whirlwind romance between Orson and Bree and they seem to be getting along pretty well, so a little wedding is happening.

Shawn Pyfrom: Marc has already said I'm coming back. It is not late in the season, but it is not in the first episode.

Kiersten Warren: I have very colorful issues -- issues that may or may not respond to medication. I'm a bee in Lynette's bonnet. God love Lynnette to put up with Nora.

Joy Lauren: It starts six months later and a lot is going on. I'm so excited. I just got the most recent script, and I had been swimming with a bunch of people and when it arrived, I ran in and I read it cover to cover in my bathing suit.

Andrea Bowen: I have a lot more to do this season. I have much more of an independent storyline, which isn't quite as dependent on Teri. It's about her growing up, dating more and having a love interest. Her storyline this season is juicier.

How has your character grown over the seasons?
Eva Longoria: [Gabrielle] has grown enormously since season one. She has put aside her selfishness to give into Carlos to have a baby. Once she had the miscarriage, you finally saw a softer side of Gabrielle, which I think people identified more with because you saw she was human.

Joy Lauren: [Danielle] has been through a lot. She has matured a lot, but maybe not in the best way. She has always been kind of snot faced.

Andrea Bowen: [Julie] has grown a lot as I have. We filmed the pilot when I was 13 and started the show when I was 14. This season you will see a change in her and much more of a growth and more rebelling.

Cody Kasch: Honestly, for the last five months leading up to the series finale there was a little bit of stagnation. It was kind of hard because they were trying to find something to do without taking away the mystery quality by telling people what is going on. This lead them to downplay it a lot, which sometimes made me feel like I was doing the same scene over and over again.

If you could magically play another TV character for one day, who would that be?
Kyle MacLachlan: James Arness' character, Matt Dillon, in 'Gunsmoke.' How great would that be? It would be him, because my dad loved the show or David Carradine's character in 'Kung Fu.'

Ricardo Antonio Chavira: The show is no longer on, but the father from 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' God, that is a good character. He has all those nice zingers and it is all effortless. Peter Boyle is a wonderful actor. I had the opportunity to meet him and he is a real gentleman.

Shawn Pyfrom: When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of 'Full House.' Uncle Jesse was so badass. I would have to go with Uncle Jesse. It is a great '90s sitcom.

Brenda Strong: I would like to play an assassin in '24.' I think that would be fun because than I could get 24 episodes of one single day. I would get to be on camera for the entire season.

What are some of the similarities and differences between you and your character?
Gwendoline Yeo: She and I are both immigrants. We both had accents when we came over to America. I can have my accent back when I want to. In real life, I put on lipstick and put on dresses and she decides against that. She has decided against having any style whatsoever. This is great because I have no pressure put on me.

Kyle MacLachlan: He has my sense of humor which is a little on the dry side which works well in the world of 'Desperate Housewives.' He likes things tidy and I'm the same way to. He likes a clean glass and I'm down with that also.
Kiersten Warren: I had a daughter when I was very young when I was in high school. I know a little bit about facing insurmountable odds. So maybe I bring some of that to Nora.

What has 'Desperate Housewives' done for you?
Gwendoline Yeo: I'm just a working girl. Five years ago, I was saying "fortune cookie." To be able to go to work and have a nice place and drive a car that doesn't break down. It has changed my life because I have opportunities galore now. To be a working actor and going to work is a pleasure.

Kiersten Warren: It is such a great platform to be on. You have to respect the phenomena of this show. You always want a job and sometimes you get a break. I've been saying for a while, "I don't need a job -- I need a break." It is a gift. I was over the moon excited when I got the call.

What would you change about your character?
Ricardo Antonio Chavira: (Laughs) If they would allow him to have more balls.

Josh, you are new to Wisteria Lane. Tell me a little bit about your new character, Justin.
Josh Henderson: I am Nicollette Sheridan's nephew, who has shown up in town unexpectedly and is going to stir up trouble with the ladies and girls. He comes from a troubled past and shows up at her house and she takes him in. There might be a possibility that he will be a love interest for Andrea's character. I'm a lot like Edie; I'm a younger "guy" version of her.