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  Band Name Origins
Get tuned into the story behind the names

By Sean Doorly

Did you ever wonder how bands come up with their names? Is there a reference book that lists cool band names or a wise old retired rocker who spits them out daily? From Lillix to Linkin Park -- click through our photo gallery and find out the story behind how bands name themselves.

Band Members: Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Mike Shinoda (MC/vocals), Joseph Hahn (DJ), Darren "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Chester Bennington (vocals)

Band Name Origin: The band loves the Internet and many of their early fans were online junkies. Therefore, they chose the unique spelling of Linkin so they could get the band-name-dot-com.

Band Members: Tasha-Ray Evin (guitars), Lacey-Lee Evin (keyboards), Louise Burns (bass), Kim Urhahn (drums)

Band Name Origin: The band was originally called Tigerlily. They soon discovered another band was also called that. The gals played around with different names by combining different letters and words. They jumped from Tigerlily to Tigerlily X to Lily X to Lillix. They later found out the name also refers to a Norwegian forest cat.

Band Members: Gwen Stefani (vocals), Tony Kanal (bass), Tom Dumont (guitar), Adrian Young (drums)

Band Name Origin: Original singer John Spence named the band after his favorite expression, "No Doubt."

Band Members: Damian Kulash (vocals), Andrew Duncan (guitars), Tim Nordwind (bass), Dan Konopka (drums)

Band Name Origin: Damian and Tim had an art teacher who would always say, "Okay, go." For years this phrase was an inside joke between the two friends. At one point they used the name for a fake grunge band. When they finally created a real band, they felt there was no other choice but to call it OK GO.

Band Members: Tyson Ritter (vocals/bass), Nick Wheeler (guitar/programming), Mike Kennerty (guitar), Chris Gaylor (drums)

Band Name Origin: The band threw around a few names including The All Americans. That wasn't cool enough. They liked The Rejects but there was another band with a similar name. They finally put the two names together and the All-American Rejects were born.

Band Members: Chad Kroeger (guitar, vocals), Mike Kroeger (guitar), Ryan Vikedal (bass)

Band Name Origin: Mike Kroeger used to work at a coffee shop and at the time a cup of joe was selling for $2.95 to $4.95. He was constantly saying the phrase, "Here's your nickel back." He couldn't get it out of his head and when it was time to the name the band, he and his brother Chad thought it was perfect.

Band Members: Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Matt Roberts (guitars) Todd Harrell (bass), Chris Henderson (guitar)

Band Name Origin: The band was walking down a street and they noticed a sign on old building that said, "doors down." They had three band members at the time. So they decided to put it all together and call themselves 3 Doors Down.