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Brat Pack
The '200-Cigarettes' Gang

Some young actors haven't yet acquired the knack of mincing words for the press. At the New York press junket for "200 Cigarettes," Gaby Hoffman, 17, crowed "I've done a million bad movies! I did the worst movie in the world for money -- 'Volcano.'"

Her colleague Casey Affleck, 23, showed a similar lack of reverence toward his craft. "It's a job," he said. "I'll do anything! Give me a couple of bucks and I'll dance on this table!" He also offered a candid assessment of Reese Witherspoon -- who keeps threatening to leave Hollywood and study pre-med. "If Reese ever goes pre-med," said Affleck, "I'll stop acting and give her all my money."

It's possible the bratty comments had something to do with "200 Cigarettes" itself -- an offhandedly hip look at a group of neurotic young New Yorkers on New Years Eve, 1981. Still, Paul Rudd -- with a few more years (he's 29) under his belt -- managed to exhibit the press savvy that his cohorts lacked. He had nothing but praise for his co-star Courtney Love. And he told a sweet self-deprecating story about ordering a beer in a trendy bar.

"The bartender said 'You're an actor, right?'" Rudd reported. "I said 'Well, yes.' The guy says: 'Don't tell me... you're -- and he claps his hands -- 'Ben Affleck!' I say 'ahh...no,' and he says "Don't worry about it man, you're probably cool, too!"

-- Sean Doorly

(Written for Premiere Magazine Online)